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Premium Beer Glasses by Beer Tats™

Beer Tats Pub Glasses

Classic Pub Glass

The classic pub glass is ubiquitous across America. Its history can be traced back to Nineteenth Century England where the Imperial Gallon was established as the standard for liquid measure. Subsequently it became law that all beer be sold in Imperial Pints (1/8 of an Imperial Gallon, about 20 ounces). To adhere to the law, pubs procured certified pint glasses and the classic pub glass shape was born. In the U.S. there is no such law and our pints are the more widely accepted 16 ounces, however the classic shape lives on. Partly because they are economical to make and partly because they are great to kick back. Our Classic Pub glasses are brilliantly clear to show off the finest brews. The heavy weight and thick base serves to keep your beer cool. Though the shape is familiar, you won't find these glasses in most pubs.

Available in 2 sizes; 14 oz. and 18 oz.

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Wheat Beer Glass

Similar to a pilsner glass but with a slightly rounded top to capture the aromas and frothy heads that come with true wheat beers. In Germany they are known as weisbiers, hefeweizens or simply weizens. In Belgium you’ll find witbeirs commonly brewed with and a hint of corriander and orange. Stonger varieties include dunkelweizen and weizenbock. On the extreme side, you can try sour beers such as Belgium lambics or the famous Berliner weisse. You’ll find all kinds of variations in names, especially with American brewers. What they all have in common is a significant proportion of wheat to barley malts, creating a light, top-fermenting beer that is served up perfectly in our Wheat Beer glasses.

Available in 2 sizes; 12 oz. and 16 oz.

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Beer Tats Willi Becher Glass

Willi Becher Glass

The Willi Becher is a German variant of the classic pub glass which is differentiated by a slight taper at the mouth. The taper was added to hold the aroma of the often more fragrant German beers; another fine example of German engineering. As a result this glass is one the most popular styles in Germany. If you enjoy stouts and porters, this glass makes a fine choice. Like our Classic Pub glass, our Willi Becher is made of brilliantly clear glass with a thick sham. In America you'll likely find these glasses in the more distinctive brewpubs and beer bars.

Available in 1 size; 16 3/4 oz.

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Beer Tats Pilsner Glasses

Pilsner Glass

Pilsner, the first lager beer, was develop the Czech Republic. Lager is German for “storage”, and refers to the technique of fermenting beer in a cool, dark place with bottom-fermenting yeast. American lagers and the traditional Oktoberfest marzen are other examples. German bocks, including maibock, hellesbock, dopplebock and eisbock, are stronger varieties. Whichever your choice, the tall, slender shape showcases the golden hues and effervescence found in all lagers. The conical shape provides for a smooth pour, both in and out, that lends itself nicely to the inherent drinkability of these beers. While the wide mouth serves to capture a rich head.

Available in 1 sizes; 13 1/2 oz

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Beer Tats Ale Glasses

Ale Glass

Ale is a broad classification of beers that are brewed from malted barley and fermetered with yeast at wamer temperaturers than lagers. To balance the sweetness of the malt, hops are generally added in varying degrees from lightly hopped brown ales to the extreme hoppiness of American style India Pale Ales. Whether you prefer Belgian or Scotch, light or large, strong or mild, this glass delivers. Designed for optimum enjoyment, the stem keeps the beer cool, the wide body contains the volatiles to lock in the flavor, and the flared rim releases the aromas while capturing the head; quite possibly the perfect beer glass.

Available in 2 sizes; 12 1/2 oz. and 16 1/2 oz.

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