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Premium Beer Mugs by Beer Tats™

Beer Tats Classic Beer Mugs

Traditional Tankard

Ah yes, the beer mug, as true classic. Unlike our beer glasses, each designed for a specific beer style, the beer mug was design with the drinker in mind. The handle serves a dual purpose. First, usability... easy to kick back and perfect for toasting. This is why the mug, or krug, is vessel of choice at Germany's Oktoberfest. Second, the handle serves the same purpose as a wine stem; it allows the glass to be handled without warming the beverage. The thick base and heavy weight of our mugs further help to maintain the perfect temperature of any beer. Let's face it, is there anything better than a frosty mug of your favorite brew? And yes, you can keep our mugs in your freezer.

Available in 3 sizes; 13 1/4 oz., 16 3/4 oz. and 22 1/4 oz.

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American Beer Wagon Mug

We tried to find out the origins of this style of mug but alas we failed. If anyone knows, please drop us a note. The "beer wagon" was the mode of transportation of the kegs that built a nation. Perhaps the wide facets along the base is an ode to the planks that sided the wagons. Regardless this superb, durable mug makes quite an impression. The extra large handle will accommodate most human fists and, as with our Traditional Tankard, the thick base and heavy weight help to maintain the perfect temperature of any beer. Our 1 Liter version is an American alternative to the traditional Mass Krug, a 1 liter mug made famous by the German Oktoberfest. Prost!

Available in 2 sizes; 20 oz. and 1 Liter (33 3/4 oz.)

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